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Age of Ultron

I don't want to write a long post getting out all my various feelings about the new Avengers movie at this juncture, because I'm going on [tumblr.com profile] fangirlhappyhour to chat about it, and I want my thoughts to stay fresh, not get hashed out in advance. (For the same reason, I'm not going to seek out a lot of other people's reviews and meta yet, although I am eager to read all the crit and squee and so forth once the time comes.)

So I'll leave you with the short version, which is that I enjoyed it quite a bit. There are things I loved and things that bugged me; I do think the first one was notably better, and I can understand what people disliked about it. But overall, in terms of the story and most of the characterization and the experience of watching it, I come down in the positive column. Certainly I'm interested in seeing it again.

More to come.

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