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MCU Fic: "The Right Partner"

Done, done, finally done!

Title: The Right Partner
Fandom: MCU (specifically TFA and Agent Carter)
Rating: Explicit (NSFW)
Wordcount: 18,517 (!)
Characters: Peggy/Steve, Peggy/Angie, Howard Stark, Edwin Jarvis
Spoilers: Yes, for both (although if you don't know this Captain America spoiler by now I don't know where you've been)
Notes: I started this story rather awhile ago, probably at least in February. Originally, the AU premise was a simple excuse to write OTP porn. Then Agent Carter ended, Angie inserted herself into the story, and things got complicated. I got so stuck, in fact, that in order to finish it, I had to sign up for the wipbigbang, for the deadline and the artwork incentive. The lovely artwork, by icanbecreative, is embedded in the story as a cover image and also posted here.

On AO3

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Tags: fic, mcu, ot3s fix love trianges, posting, steve/peggy
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