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September update; October goals

Don't want to look at writing goals. Do not want.

Days written: 17/30
Words written: 7,868
Words of fic written: 3,925
Stories worked on: One and some ficlets
Stories posted: Just the ficlets

Specific goals:

1. Write an average of five days per week. Nope.

2. Work on Marissa Hawke fic, and hopefully get far enough to start posting. Didn't even open it. I don't know whether it was going back to Malika or finishing her game by playing Trespasser, but my motivation to work on this story has been completely zapped. Unfortunately, nothing else really rose up to take its place

3. Post at least twice a week. Seriously. If nothing else I could start reviewing books again. Suggestions for post topics from the peanut gallery are also very welcome. Not even close. It's been a week since I even posted anything at all. So much for setting the bar low.

As little as I wanted to look at September's goals, you can imagine how much less I want to think about my progress for 2015, but it is the end of the third quarter so...

1. Continue tracking wordcounts and monthly goals. Check in with ushobwri at least three times a month, and share with the weekly workshop at least twice a month. I continue to track goals, even when I don't want to ;), but I'm participating at ushobwri less and less. It's been over a month since I even checked in. Now that I look at this, I wonder if my lack of participation there has helped drive my lack of motivation to write, or if it's the other way around? Either way, it can't hurt to get back on the horse. I'll try.

2. Finish with all current WIPs and owed fics by the end of October. Make progress on Wardens of Ivalice. Well. That's a pretty big no so far, and absent some amazing spurt of inspiration and free time, it's not going to happen. Maybe by the end of the year. Maybe.

3. Participate in at least one Big Bang that's not the DABB. Successful, thanks to wipbigbang.

4. Post or crosspost to DW/LJ at least three times a week. Archive all Tumblr and flashfic on AO3 on at least a quarterly basis. I actually did archive a bunch of flash this month. So that happened, at least. How to make it a habit, I don't know. Posting, well. I guess I'll just keep muddling through.

All right. Let's wipe the September slate clean and start fresh with October, shall we?

1. Write at least five days per week.

2. Work on Wardens of Ivalice (and buy new Worlds of Thedas book for background reading and self motivation).

3. Pick an owed gift fic and finish it to final draft stage. No matter how lousy. Then send it to a beta and make it better.

4. Post at least twice per week and participate in ushobwri on a weekly basis.

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