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First lines meme

(And so the experiment in regular Tumblr cross-posting begins. I'm not going to lie; I'm pretty excited. I hope it works out!)

[tumblr.com profile] maybethings tagged me in a first lines meme, which as far as I can tell is posting 10 first lines from things I've written. Without context, have some first lines:

  1. The first thing Steve knew, after the cold and the dark and the pain like being slammed into a brick wall, was the familiar cadence of a ballgame.

  2. It had seemed inappropriate to hold any sort of wedding festivities on the actual nuptial day of the King and Queen of Ferelden, given that the Blight had ended not even a week before, and so a formal ceremony was called three months later, complete with foreign dignitaries, a feast, and dancing.

  3. Alistair woke in the dead of night -- jolting upright, writhing body twisted in soaked sheets -- and knew it was time.

  4. "I still don’t understand why you forgave me, but I’m grateful that you did."

  5. Once upon a time, there was a young summoner named Yuna.

  6. Carlos snaps his head toward the radio and stops breathing.

  7. The entrance of the church is dark and quiet, a stark contrast to the bright sunshine just outside, to the sounds of the street now muffled by the heavy wooden door.

  8. "Hey Tasha, it's Clint, and it's Day 47 of watching a bunker in the middle of nowhere."

  9. ""They say that Princess Ashelia died of grief."

  10. The newly minted Judge stood before Drace's desk, his arms stiff at his sides, his face hidden beneath a black helm.
  11. </ul>

    I don't think I'll tag anyone here, just invite anyone who wants to do it to give it a try. It's a worthwhile exercise, this little jog down fic memory lane. :)

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