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Blogging Prompts Request Post

As threatened in my writing goals post for this month, I am taking prompts for journal post topics. Rules adapted from the Blogging Through December meme that went around a few years ago.

The Rules:

Pick a topic, and on some day in November I will post something about that topic. It can be fandom-related or not. Pretty much anything you've ever seen me post about unlocked, or comment on in other venues, is fair game. If a topic is uncomfortable for me (too personal or potentially identifying) or simply something I know very little about (unfamiliar canon, say), I may ask you to make a second choice. If you want to request more than one topic (up to three), feel free, but if I get more than 25 or so requests I may pick and choose between them. All followers, mutual or not, are welcome to leave requests.

The Topics:

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