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The Problem with Tumblr Crossposting...

...is that I feel like each entry should have one and only one topic. I've never done ramble-y general life posts over on Tumblr, because if I want to talk about more than one thing, it makes more sense to make a different post for each. And these kinds of posts are more suited to a venue with comment threads anyway.

There's also the fact that I've gotten out of the habit of talking about my life generally. The work situation continues to be temporary but with no particular end in sight. I've also picked up some freelance writing work from a friend who works in advertising, which I'm really enjoying, and I've been contemplating on whether I should try to expand into that area. But, in theory anyway, I still haven't given up on finding a full-time library job. I'm just not sure I'm motivated enough to put in all the work that it will take to make that a reality.

Everything else is about the same, really. Same husband, same house, same cats, same group of friends. I like stability, so I don't mind. It's what I want out of life most of the time, really. But it does make it harder to make my life sound interesting. As I say, though, maybe it's just because I'm out of practice. Maybe daily posting will make it a habit again, and make it feel more comfortable. I guess we'll see.

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