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Jessica Jones

Watched the first two episodes. Very promising start! Not a whole lot to say yet, especially without massive spoilers, but I'm looking forward to the rest. T is enjoying it, too.

Jessica is a fantastic character: dark, difficult, screwed up, but basically a good person -- not the type of lead role that a woman often get to play. She veers quite often into anti-hero territory, and although I'm on record as being tired of the brooding loner trope, seeing it in a woman is kind of refreshing. Also, the density of female characters is excellent, as is the variety and importance of the relationships they have with each other.

Kilgrave is possibly the scariest, most messed up villain I have EVER seen. So far, they seem to be handling the consent issues (as seen in the trailer) quite well, although I don't hold myself out as the last word on that. This is the thing I'm most hoping they don't screw up. So far so good.

I could raise some concerns, but for now I'm happy to just watch and see where everything goes. Maybe I'll go start another one right now.

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