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November update; December goals

Days written: 27/30
Words written: 18,134
Words of fic written: 10,676
Percentage of fic words written on a single day: 43%
Stories worked on: One (and one ficlet)
Stories posted: The ficlet

Specific goals:

1. Write at least ten minutes every day, per ushobwri tradition, and check in at least once a week. Not quite. I did end up counting my journal posts on some days, but only if I included the post I was working on in my wordcount (I've never included throwaway or really short posts in that number). I hardly checked in at all -- between the DARBB, writing significant posts for my own journal, and the rest of life, something that to give, and I'm afraid ushobwri was the odd one out.

2. As I have attempted every November since 2006, post in my journal at least once every day. Done, assuming this post can count for today. ;) I also wrote all my prompts except one, which I will get to soon.

3. Write my [tumblr.com profile] dragonagebb story and turn in final draft. Success, thanks to the marathon day I pulled on Friday. But between this and the posting project, I had literally no more cycles for other writings. Which means that this next goal was...

4. Make progress on Wardens of Ivalice or the overdue giveaway fic. Total loss.

I hate to give up on the giveaway stories. I really, really do. People were counting on me to do something nice for them, and I have utterly failed to do so. (I recently hit another Tumblr follower milestone, but I let it pass without comment -- how could I recognize it when I've stumbled on this one so badly?) But... it's obvious I'm not feeling it, and I'm not sure what to do.

It doesn't help that I haven't been feeling my writing lately just in general. I'm reasonably pleased with how my DARBB came out, although the beginning needs a lot of help still, and I credit this in part to writing the last third all in one big chunk. I've been counting too much on brief writing bursts, like ten minutes tossed off at the end of the day, or fit in between other commitments, and I'm wondering now if part of my problem is that I'm never getting into a state where I give the ideas enough time to flow. Maybe the secret is fewer days, but more scheduled blocks of time? I did three half-hour writing sprints on Friday -- two of which went 10-15 minutes long because I was on a roll and didn't want to stop -- and I'm sure they helped. This is something to consider as I think about my plans and goals for the upcoming year.

Anyway, for now, December.

1. Write at least five days per week, and do at least one half hour writing sprint per week. I'm not traveling this year, so I don't need to work around that at least. If anyone is ever interested in scheduling writing sprints, ping me! I find them even more effective if I know other people are working with me.

2. Polish and post [tumblr.com profile] dragonagebb story on the assigned posting date (not yet known).

3. Write and post the two prompts I claimed for [community profile] areyougame (Dec. 7 and Dec. 26).

4. Finish the last posting prompt and continue posting at least 2-3 times per week.

5. Archive/crosspost the rest of my flashfic for 2015.

6. If time left over, then Wardens of Ivalice.

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