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DARBB Fic - "Nothing's Impossible"

Title: Nothing's Impossible
Fandom: Dragon Age
Rating: Mildly T
Wordcount: 11,051
Characters: f!Brosca/Alistair, Nathaniel, Solas, Sigrun, Carver, Velanna, Leliana, f!Trevelyan
Spoilers: Yes, DA:I spoilers through the events of Adamant; even the summary is spoilery. So if you're still unspoiled and hoping to play, I recommend skipping this one for now. Set after Adamant and the Winter Palace, but before endgame.
Notes: Written for the 2015 Dragon Age Reverse Big Bang. I was inspired by lovely Alistair/f!Brosca fan art by [tumblr.com profile] lunafeather, entitled Reunited. There's also another story based on the art, Save Every Day by [tumblr.com profile] moodyrebelmage, which I haven't yet read, but I'm looking forward to it!

The Natia Brosca of this story was created specifically for it; she's not the Natia of my Justify the Means AU (although her personality is similar). The f!Trevelyan resembles Kendra physically but is otherwise not based on her.

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