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Holiday break

Today was my last day working before the holidays -- T's company is closed this week, and he took vacation the week after, so I decided to join him, after going in today for a staff meeting. Just like with last year, we aren't going anywhere, except up to Santa Rosa on Christmas Day. (I really like this new pattern of visiting T's family at times other than the Christmas holidays.) So we're getting a nice extended stay-cation. Nothing too much planned yet, although tomorrow is "a get stuff done day" (oil change, haircut, possibly Christmas shopping).

I hope this means that I'll be around more the next couple of weeks, and that I get some writing done (when I'm not grinding away for Night of the Nocturne at Flight Rising). Winter has finally arrived, in all its wet chilly glory, which often puts me in a mood to poke away at words. Wish me luck!

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