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Dear Wintersend Creator

Hi! Thanks for signing up for this exchange, and for taking on my prompts. Before I get into specifics, first I want to encourage you to follow your own muse. I have a few do-not-wants, but consider everything else I say as guidelines or suggestions. I want you to write, draw, and/or create whatever is most inspiring to you -- if you do that, I'm sure I will love it.

But in case you do want more details, here are some thoughts and ideas:

So I signed up for this challenge because I love the ladies of Dragon Age, and that means pretty much all of them. There are some characters I like more than others, but I can't say there's anyone I wouldn't want to see at all. Similarly with romantic pairings -- I have my preferences, but with very few exceptions I'd be interested in seeing almost anything you can make work. Those exceptions include incest (in particular, no Hawke/Bethany); large age differences, especially when children or teenagers are involved (I don't think that would come up in any of these prompts, but just in case); and power differences so significant that anyone's ability to consent is impaired (like Celine/Briala). Please avoid consent issues in general. I'm also not a fan of super-graphic violence, so please no violence stronger than we see in canon.

I am a huge fan of gen, friendship stories -- especially the many excellent friendships among with women of Dragon Age -- and family, of birth or of choice. So for all of these prompts, romance or sex is entirely optional (and note that there are a couple where I asked specifically for gen). If you do go the 'shipping route, I'd prefer a rating of M or below.

My favorite fanworks are almost always grounded in canon somehow -- missing scenes, what happened before or after the story we saw, delving into someone's thoughts motivations. What-if AUs are great, too, but I prefer seeing canon as the clear jumping off point.

I'm especially interested in the politics of Thedas, in the Grey Wardens, and in Dragon Age dwarves. I'm less interested in elven culture and in mages vs. templars.

One of my biggest character kinks is competent women, so if you give me anything with a lady being very good at what she does, I'll be extremely happy. :)

I realize that my prompts may seem fairly plot-oriented/fic-specific. I tried not to do that, but since I'm a writer and not an artist, those are the terms I tend to think in when I write prompts. Please don't take this as an indication that I wouldn't welcome a gift of art or other media! I would love to receive artwork. Feel free to use the prompts as a jumping-off point into whatever direction works for you.

Prompt 1: Leliana and Josephine: as I mentioned in my request, although I'm not opposed to Leliana/Josephine as a ship, that's not what I was looking for with this prompt -- I'd like this to focus on their relationship as friends. I'm really okay with you picking anyone as Josephine's crush interest, but some potential partners I particularly like for her are the Inquisitor, Lace Harding, Hawke, Cassandra, or Isabela (if you're up for working in someone who isn't in the DA:I cast).

Prompt 2: If you're looking to write femslash, my favorite partners for Isabela include Merrill, Hawke, Leliana, and Josephine. Isabela's friendship with Aveline is one of my favorites in the series; I don't mind seeing them together romantically, but if you do pair them, please be aware that Aveline/Donnic is one of my DA OTPs, so I'd rather not see those two broken up. Of course, gen would also be perfectly welcome.

Prompt 3: Anora is one of my very favorite DA characters, and I think she could do a fantastic job of standing up to Celine. (See: competency kink.) I don't know Celine as well, but I'm pretty fascinated by her, so I'd like to see at least a thoughtful (if not necessarily sympathetic or favorable) presentation. Almost any side pairing is fine (I'm a big fan of Anora/Alistair in particular), but please don't ship these two together.

Prompt 4: Hawke family feels! I love every member of the Hawke family that we get to know, so if you make something for the Lothering era, it's fine for Carver to be present, although of course he shouldn't be a central character. I'd also be interested in AU situations where Hawke is a mage and Bethany survives the flight from Lothering. No incest, as above.

Prompt 5: f!Warden/Sigrun or f!Warden & Sigrun. I don't really have anything to add for this one.

Thanks again! I'm really looking forward to seeing whatever you create. :)

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