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Various Dragon Age replays

Over the last few months, I'd been slowly working on my first replay of Dragon Age: Inquisition, with a female Trevelyan. A few days ago, I finally finished it, and then almost immediately rolled up an Adaar. She's a mage and proud of it, distinctly distrustful of authority, and more than a little snarky. I have a few goals for her -- romancing either Sera or Josephine, friends with Solas (neither of my other Inquisitors managed to get along with him at all), a couple of other things -- but for the most part I'm going to let her take the lead.

But within a couple of days, I switched gears, because something possessed me to pick up my long-stalled Mahariel run of DA:O. Poor Loral had been stuck in Orzammar for a very long time, maybe even years, and I decided it was time to get rolling on him again. He beat the archdemon yesterday, and now he's back, reluctantly taking charge of Amaranthine (although not as reluctantly as I might have thought). I'll be really interested to see how he does in attempting to relate to human nobility. His experiences with the Blight mellowed him on humanity somewhat, but some prejudices remain.

I want to write up Kendra Trevelyan's experiences in more detail at some point -- she was a true believer who never faltered in her conviction that she was the chosen of Andraste, doing her work on the mortal plane. But I need to think more about what it all means. Probably I shouldn't have jumped quite so quickly into Nazlin Adaar's story, but I've been eager to play a Qunari for so long now that I couldn't really wait. More thoughts on all of these characters and their universes to come.

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