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FogCon Day!

I guess the weather gods didn't get the memo that today is supposed to be *Fog*Con, because it is raining cats and dogs out there. Best wishes that everyone traveling to the con stays safe and dry! I'll probably head over around lunchtime.

I'm on two panels, both today, both in Salon A/B. One is in the first afternoon slot, so hopefully at least a few early birds show up. :) Saturday and Sunday I'll just generally be around, so come find me! I'll have both KJ and owlmoose on my badge.

3pm: The Transformation of Fandom

8pm: Good Villains & Bad Heroes: the transformation of the "good guy/bad guy" trope in modern media

Looking forward to it. :) As usual, I expect to be documenting my adventures on Tumblr, so if you're curious for more real-time updates, you should watch over there.

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