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FogCon: Day 1

Turns out it's difficult to spend a whole lot of time documenting your con experience when you're busy participating in the con experience! ;) So, no real-time updates today, but both of my panels went really well, I think -- we got good discussion going, and I feel like I made useful contributions, and people said complementary things afterwards. I also hung out with [profile] forestsofglory, had dinner with friends, and played a game of Pandemic with Jed (which we lost, badly), and dropped by zahraa and zyxwvut's room party, and have just generally enjoyed chatting with people and listening in to good conversations. Now I am winding down before sleep, getting ready for the long full-con day tomorrow. My active participation parts are done, so now I get to go be in the audience for the rest of the weekend. I kind of wish my panels had been spread out better, but on the other hand it's nice to just relax, too.

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