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FogCon: Day 2

Lots of good stuff today!

- Breakfast with friends
- Panel on the ethics of magic, which covered all kinds of great territory. Dragon Age was mentioned a few times, and afterwards I actually went up to Marie Brennan (author of the Lady Isabela Trent series, among others, whom I admire both as an author and as a speaker) to talk to her a little bit about it.
- Lunch with [personal profile] forestofglory and her family, including a really tasty dish of ice cream
- I missed the start of the first afternoon panel, so instead of wandering in late, I checked out the dealers room (which I escaped relatively unscathed, only bought one pair of earrings) and dropped by the con suite, where folks were discussing one-note actors and WorldCon.
- A character building exercise with Guest of Honor Jo Walton, which turned into a world building and storytelling exercise, a process both fascinating and entertaining (and thought-provoking to me as character-driven writer who has always felt inadequate to developing plots and original worlds).
- The official lecture by non-genre Guest of Honor Donna Haraway, who had a lot to say about the history of science and mythology and how human culture has developed.
- Ventured out for dinner at a nearby Mexican restaurant, where I read through and enjoyed a couple Nebula nominated stories (as Hugo homework).
- My last panel attended tonight was about the domestic in fantasy, which was so interesting that I took actual notes, and I plan to write a bit more about it tomorrow.
- Hit the bar and then the con suite; in both places, I got into entertaining conversations with people I know, people I've seen around the con, and people who were new to me. And when I left, it was because I was getting tired (and wanted enough time before bed to tap out a few notes about the day), not because I wasn't enjoying the conversation and/or was feeling socialed out, which is seriously progress for me as far as cons go.

It's taken six years of attending, but I finally feel like I"m not starting from scratch every year, like there are people who remember me from previous years and are happy to talk to me again. Like it's a community, not a new collection of strangers every time. Maybe that's because this con is still fairly young, or maybe it's just that I'm getting better at it, but it's a good feeling, and it makes me happy.

One more day!

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