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another cat update

More new photos in the gallery.

We appear to have names. Alexsei has stuck, and so our boy kitty is now Lexi for good. Girl kitty is now being called Tori. This was T's doing, because it's a nickname for Yakitori. This name was chosen partly out of T's obsession with Japanese food, but he mostly picked it so that he can also call her Yaki for short. This is an extremely geeky computer programmer joke that plays off the name Lexi.

I shall be calling her Tori. It's a real name, and it suits her. I think.

We had our first runner today. I was carrying the new litterbox for upstairs and a package that was sitting outside the door, and my hands were full. No sooner did I get the door open than Tori slipped out into the hall. I got the door closed before Lexi could escape and herded Tori back inside without incident, but I hope this doesn't become a habit. I was actually rather amazed; very fearless of her to run out like that. I had thought she was going to be the skittish one but maybe not.

There are cats in my house! And they have names! Very nice. And now it's time for bed.
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