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Civil War Linkspam

I suppose it's no surprise that Captain America: Civil War has provoked a lot of debate on the Internet. As a card-carrying member of #TeamItsComplicated, I've found all kinds of food for thought on all sides of the issue, and so I share some of my favorites here. Expect spoilers from this point forward, in both the links themselves and my commentary on them.

  • The Accords Were Always a Disaster in the Making by [profile] teatotally with rebuttal by [profile] captainsilentwhisper: I recommend reading the original meta in its entirety -- it makes an excellent case for why the UN is the wrong organization to oversee the Avengers, with detailed real-life examples. Then read this response, which makes equally excellent points in the accords' favor. Just like the movie, my takeaway is that everyone is right, and everyone is also wrong, and that's what makes this story so compelling to me.

  • I enjoyed this Rolling Stone profile of Chris Evans, where he talks about the movies, the pressures of being an MCU star, and why he is Team Iron Man.

  • Captain America, Aaron Burr, and the Politics of Killing Your Friends: Beyond having possibly the greatest title ever, this article by NPR's Linda Holmes goes deep on contentious friendships and dealing with disagreements, comparing Steve and Tony's relationship to the one between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr as depicted in Hamilton. Highly recommended.

  • Picking Sides in Captain America: Civil War: Four writers at The Atlantic (Ta-Nehisi Coates, David Sims, Gillian White, and Matt Thompson) debate the issue and come down on various sides. Of all the viewpoints, I think Coates comes closest to articulating my feelings (and he also seems to have liked the movie more than the other writers).

  • I don't think there's much doubt that, after Kevin Feige and his team, Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely (writers of the Captain America movies and also the next two Avengers films) are among the most influential architects of the MCU as we know it. In this interview, Markus and McFeely talk about the process of long-form storytelling, and how they balance compelling self-contained stories with moving forward a sprawling series that they don't completely control.

  • Finally, just for fun, here's a great compilation of behind-the-scenes clips -- stunts, practical effects, and close-ups on actors faces.

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