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your RDA of kittens

This is the first picture where you can really see Tori's eyes -- note how the pupils are aimed downward and too wide for the amount of light in the room. They get larger than this, but never any smaller. She squints in bright light and tends to stay out of direct sun. T thinks that she has problems seeing things that are directly over her head, but I haven't noticed that so much.

Lexi with the cat fisher (a pole with dangling string ending in a pom-pom). I love how the bright pink contrasts with the black. Lexi is a big fan of the cat fisher. Tori plays with it, too, but Lexi is much more into it. He's been known to grab it in his mouth and run away with it. Tori prefers toys she can really get her teeth and claws into, like mousies. And my feet.

More new photos in the gallery.

I imagine I will slow down on these eventually. Right now, though, they are just too cute not to share.
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