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Over a week without posting, oops. I'm behind on all of my writing, too. I have no good reason for this. I suspect it's because I've been in the mood to absorb content rather than create it -- I started re-reading the Temeraire series, in prep for the final book's imminent release, and I've been watching T play Uncharted 4 (we never played the others but it's been easy enough to follow along). Work has also picked up a little, with the promise of a few things moving full speed ahead soon, and the election has certainly been a drag on my attention. (I have many thoughts on Hillary Clinton (I did vote for her, in the end) and her historic (presumptive) nomination as the Democratic candidate, but for complex reasons I haven't yet gotten into them here. Soon, I hope.) Mostly, I've been on Twitter -- it's really easy to pop in, leave quick thoughts on a few things, and pop back out. It makes sense, I suppose, but it's a terrible habit to get into. Twitter is even worse than Tumblr for developing complex thoughts.

Anyway, just wanted to assure all that I am still here, and reading, and listening, even if I don't comment. And I know I owe some replies and will get on them soon. Hope that all is well.

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