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I spent the last couple of weeks re-reading the Temeraire series, in preparation for the final volume, League of Dragons. This was particularly helpful for the latter half of the series -- I'd re-read books 1-4 in the past, but the others I'd only read one time each, and I both wanted to refresh myself on everything that happened, and to see how the series hangs together as a single story. Overall, I'd say quite well, although some books are stronger than others, and I found myself skimming the more detailed battle scenes. (Also, Victory of Eagles was just as hard to re-read as I thought it might be, mostly because it's such a dark and difficult chapter in Laurence's life. It's an effective book, but it's also a difficult one.)

League of Dragons was an excellent cap to the series, I thought, bringing both the war and Laurence and Temeraire's story to a satisfying conclusion. I still long for a chapter about Laurence the Pirate King, ruling the high seas with Temeraire at his side, and when Tharkay suggested privateering as a potential next step after they were ejected from the Corps, I got really hopeful. But I understand why going that route would have been out of character for Laurence, and the image of Temeraire as the first dragon Prime Minister (because come on, that is so going to happen) tickles me almost as much. I was very happy to see Laurence convince his human allies that rights for dragons were the only solution to everyone's problems, painting a picture of hope for the future. Lung Tien Ning was a delightful character, the best and worst of both her parents wrapped up in a single package. The loose ends for the various characters we've been following for so long were wrapped up well, for the most part, and I was relieved not to lose anyone significant. Even our enemies did well, with Lien heading into exile with Napoleon, trapped on St. Helena just as in our world. It leaves just enough of a threat for possible future adventures, but I'm happy enough to see the story end here. Now that it's done, I think it's safe to say that Temeraire remains one of my all-time favorite series, and I look forward to revisiting it in re-reads, fanfiction, and any future stories to come.

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