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June update; July goals

So, June is a month that happened.

Days written: 12/30
Words written: 4,273
Words of fic written: 1,640
Stories worked on: One
Stories posted: None

Specific goals:

1. Write at least six days a week except when traveling. That all went out the window, including the traveling (we canceled our trip to Portland because of Lexi's illness).

2. Do at least one prompt meme. Nope.

3. Write up more detailed notes on at least two WisCon panels and compile a rec list. I literally forgot that I meant to do this, which tells you a lot about my state of mind last month.

4. Flesh out at least two more segments of Wardens of Ivalice, with an ultimate goal of publishing Part 2 in August. I worked on it a little bit, but I wouldn't go so far as to say that I fleshed anything out.

Little as I want to revisit my annual goals in this disaster of a month, it's time to check in on those, too:

1. Report monthly wordcounts to [community profile] getyourwordsout, and share WIP snippets with ushobwri at least once per month. Stretch goal: hit 150k pledge amount. Same as in March.

2. Participate in at least one Big Bang and one fic exchange that I've never done before. Still haven't found a new Big Bang yet, and probably won't until after I get Wardens of Ivalice Part 2 up.

3. Set aside one month to work on Wardens of Ivalice as my main project for that month. I did this in April, and it has continued to be my primary fic project ever since.

4. Participate in at least two journal-writing challenges/projects. Haven't found another one yet. Any suggestions?

5. Archive all flashfic to DW/AO3 on a quarterly basis. I wrote so little flashfic in the past three months that it hasn't been necessary.

I think I have reason to have fallen off the writing wagon this month, given the amount of stress that comes with having a critically ill pet. I also read a lot this month, what with the Temeraire re-read and getting started on my Hugo reading, among other things. So maybe it was, as my old friend Ikon used to say, a time for filling the cup, consuming creativity rather than producing it, re-stocking my brain with ideas. So I don't feel as bad about missing all my goals as I otherwise might. Still, it's always better not to let the writing habit slip for long, so in the interest of getting back on the train, some goals for July:

1. Write an average of five days per week, including at least one long block of writing time.

2. Continue work on Wardens of Ivalice 2, with a goal of publishing it in September (pushed back a month from original goal of August).

3. Do a fic prompt meme on Tumblr next week (because I didn't do it last month, and still want to).

4. Write at least one book review and one other article for Lady Business (I have a few ideas on this one).

Let's see how this goes.

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