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Thanks to everyone for your kind words and condolences on the loss of Lexi. All of them are very much appreciated. <3 I'm doing better now, a few days out -- still sad but not overwhelmed with it.

In case anyone is wondering about our other cat, Tori: she seems okay. A little out of sorts, and clingier than usual, especially at night. If we get up in the middle of the night for any reason, she'll follow us around and more likely than not get back into bed with us to demand some attention. And she often gets yowly around bedtime. T's theory is that she thinks we don't know Lexi is missing, and she's alerting us to go find him. :') But she's a little calmer each night, so it seems like she's adjusting. We'll see how it goes, and evaluate whether she needs a cat companion after a while, maybe in a few months or so. She's fairly territorial, so I'm not sure how introducing a new cat would go.

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