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Sorry no post for so long. Work and Critical Role are eating my life in what feels like equal measures (although in terms of hours spent, it's been way more on the latter). On the latter, I'm up to episode 42 or so (a couple of episodes into the next major plotline after Whitestone, which I don't think I can even name without MASSIVE spoilers) and still very much enjoying, even if T shakes his head at all the time I'm spending on my iPad under headphones. I wonder if I can figure out some way to download a couple of episodes from YouTube so I can watch on the plane, on my way to WorldCon and back.

Speaking of: WorldCon! Two busy work days and then I'm on my way to Kansas City. Excited not just to get away but also to see all the people I know I'm going to see. Two of my [community profile] ladybusiness compatriots will also be there, and although we haven't planned any formal meet-up, we'll probably send out a "meet us at the bar at this time!" message at some point. Watch our Twitter ([twitter.com profile] feministponies) for details. If you're going to be there and we haven't already exchanged contact info, drop me a line! I'd love to see anyone and everyone. The panel schedule is chock full of things I'd like to see, and I also feel obligated to at least check out the business meeting, so I'll probably be running around a lot, but the only thing that's set in stone is the Hugo Awards Ceremony. Ping me! (Email or Twitter ([twitter.com profile] iamkj) is probably the best way to get in touch.)

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