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Not obsessed. Well, maybe a little.

I finished watching Critical Role last week (although I'm not technically caught up at this exact moment because I haven't finished this week's episode yet -- yes, I did give in and subscribe, not so much because I couldn't live with waiting until Monday and more because it's easier to find time to watch over the weekend), and after a little bit of poking around in the extras (so far the second Battle Royale is my favorite; haven't caught the first one yet), I decided that the withdrawal was too strong, so I started over at the beginning. The beginning, as in Episode 1, which I skipped in my eagerness to get current with the most recent episodes. I've now finished the first two, and although I enjoyed them, I feel like jumping ahead my first time through was the right choice -- both because it enables me to maybe get into the fandom community faster, and because the show does get stronger with time.

It's interesting to go back to the earlier episodes when Tiberius was still around. In the first show, one of the first things he does when the party arrives in Kraghammer is to go haring off by himself on a personal errand, which does not go well, and I feel like that's really a sign of things to come. I never particularly connected to Tiberius, perhaps because I knew before I started watching that his player would leave the gaming group before long. From where I sit, it's less surprising that Orion Acaba quit the show, and more surprising that he stuck around as long as he did. I wonder how Acaba felt about Tiberius's death -- offscreen, if a hero -- and if Matt let him know in advance that it was going to happen. Despite my lack of connection to the character, I did find that episode very affecting, largely because the emotional reactions of the other players and their characters. It's sad, too, to think that he won't be back to fight at Vox Machina's side when they take on the rest of the Chroma Conclave.

I feel like I should have so much more to say about a media propery that's taking up so much of my time, but words are failing me a bit. So I throw the floor open to you, my other friends who have gotten sucked into this ridiculous and wonderful show. What do you love about it? What got you started? Why do you continue? Is there a prompt meme somewhere? I would love to exercise my creative muscles in this new world (and I did sign up for the upcoming mini-bang), but I'm not entirely sure where to start.

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