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Holy cow!

To think that I lived to see the Chicago Cubs -- perennial underdogs to the point that sci-fi authors often use their losing ways as a punchline or a sign that you're in an alternate universe -- win a World Series.

I don't believe in fate and I don't believe in curses, but I do believe that was a hell of a game. I've mostly been dipping in and out of the playoffs since the Giants lost in the quarterfinals, but I was pulling for the Cubs to go all the way, for a number of reasons: their legendary underdog status, fond memories of the team from my Midwestern childhood, discomfort with Cleveland's mascot, and last but probably not least my tendency to root for the National League, all other things being equal. But once this series got to Game Seven, I knew I had to watch. And it was worth it: the timely hitting, the thrilling comebacks, the dramatic rain delay, and finally the win in extra innings. You couldn't have written a better story, and in a way that's what I like about sports -- the unpredictability, the sense that literally anything can happen.

Big big love and congrats to all my Cubs fan friends -- enjoy this feeling, it's pretty damn awesome. Love and hugs to my Cleveland fan friends, too; it's tough to lose, especially in such dramatic fashion (believe me, I know the feeling *thinks not-so-fondly of 2002*).

And now, the long dark of the offseason begins. Is it spring training yet?

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