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Critical Role fic: "Past Time for Later"

Title: Past Time for Later
Fandom: Critical Role
Rating: PG-ish?
Wordcount: 1730
Characters: Vex/Percy
Spoilers: Yes, through Episode 73. Set vaguely afterwards; written between the airing of 73 and 74.
Notes: Like last time, this was a Perc'ahlia bunny that wouldn't leave me alone. Before it was an image; this time, a line of dialogue, but either way the story will be written. Once again, likely doomed to become non-canonical sooner rather than later, which is still not going to stop me. ;) Cleaned up from an earlier version that I posted on Tumblr.

Summary: Percy said they would "talk later"; Vex decides that the time for later is now.

On Ao3

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