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I'm going to go back there someday

Back when I asked for journal topic suggestions, [personal profile] lassarina came up with several. (Anyone else?) One of them was about travel: places I've been that I want to see again, and places I haven't been where I want to go. The most accurate answer to both of these questions is "everywhere", but I think I can narrow it down a little bit. :)

1. Places I want to see again: If we limit this list to places I've visited only briefly and want to check out again, as opposed to the places that I know I love and will visit at any possible opportunity (New York City, Rome, Chicago, Seattle...), I'd say the top two are London and Portland, Oregon. The first time I ever went to Europe, we flew through London and spent about a day and a half seeing the sites before taking the Chunnel train to Paris. We wandered around, went to the Tate Modern and a couple small museums, walked past the Tower and the Lloyds of London building, but I don't know if that even counts as scratching the surface. Portland I've been to twice, but neither visit was even 24 hours, and I know there's so much more to see there, too.

2. Places I haven't been and still need to visit: Oh, so many. Just for a start, let's say Hong Kong, Beijing, Alaska, New Orleans, Maui, Berlin, Venice, Florence, Savannah. If I had to pick just one of those? I was about to say "wow that's hard", but actually it's not: the only possible answer is Berlin. When I was a junior in college, I took a seminar on the history, architecture, and future of Berlin, and I want so much to experience all that for myself. New Orleans probably ranks second. I still regret that I never got to see it before Hurricane Katrina.

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