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Lexi can be such the love-monster. He lets me know he wants affection by leaning against my legs and purring. It's completely adorable, but it's also problematic when I want to do something like walk. I almost tripped over him half a dozen times last night, and again this morning. I hope he learns the secret of the lap soon.

I got home fairly late last night, but I also had to write down a conversation that has been buzzing in my head all day. It's one that the story has been leading up to, and as a draft I'm very pleased with it. It's not ready, by any means, and much of the chapter around it still needs to be constructed. But it's in good shape. I think this bit will come out well.

And now (or soon, anyway), to work. Where I will spend literally all day in meetings. A four hour inservice in the morning, followed by an Education Management Team meeting and the weekly manager's meeting. In some ways it's nice to get it all out of the way, but I fear it will be somewhat mind-numbing.
Tags: agl, cats, work annoyances, writing

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