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Moose Day came early

Although Moose Day is normally celebrated the day after Thanksgiving, the presence of anzubird and luvmoose necessitated an early observance. To that end, I threw a small tea at Lovejoy's this afternoon. The writing of haiku is a traditional part of this event, and I present our creations here.

Where is Marta's date
Meeting us at tea, you'll see
Unless he forgets - collaborative effort

Warm, sunny, and blue
A gorgeous November day?
San Francisco? Huh! - ES

Lovejoy's Antique Tea
What sandwiches did I choose?
Mysterious food - AH

Sandwich conundrum
We all examine the trays
Who has ordered what? - KJ

High tea with coleslaw?
Is it traditional tea?
Lots of caraway - AH

Butterfly teapot
Contains the Dragon Well tea
Lovely golden leaf - KJ

It's the strongest here
Her caffeinated boldness
The gold of Yorkshire - SB

Terence's scone boards
The plate ship of his tea
Jam goes overboard - SB & KJ

Where are the felines?
Koshka, katzen, neko, cat
There are no moose here - SE

Kittens kittens kit-
Tens kittens kittens kittens
Kittens kittens kit - AH

I forgot catnip
Feline re-education
Will progress slowly - SE

Lots of baby news
Deb will have one in July
Kathleen is an aunt - KJ

We passed Deb driving
Five times before she noticed
She's pregnant, spacey - TC

Announced pregnancy
Ate delicious sandwiches
Mulled dactylic names - DH

Tea and grapes escape
Being devoured by me;
Refuge in my lap - SB

Scott is successful
He has accomplished his goal
He's eaten a grape - KJ

Marta's date is here
But he does not write haiku
Bad Matt, no cookie - MA

Reunions are fun
Getting drunk on herbal tea
Ah, the irony - ME

Genteel discussion
Syphilis, ex-lovers, sex
Perfect for high tea - KJ

Composing haiku
Stretch my brain to the limit
I'll have more tea please - SF

In sunny San Fran
Moose Day tea is a full house
Tummy is full too - MA

The Depeche Mode Trio
by AH

Jacket and a vest
Buttons will undo themselves
Tattoo'd perfection

Strut across the stage
Strike a pose and shake that ass
So sexy singer

Knitted mohawk hat
Feather wings and leather skirt
Must look back at Dave
Tags: celebrations, friends, moose, poetry
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