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turkey day

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We have returned from Thanksgiving dinner at my aunt and uncle's house in Sacramento. Except for the horrific traffic we had to fight getting there (it took almost three hours; we allowed two), it was a nice afternoon -- good food, good company, a nice walk along the banks of the American River. This is my mother's family, her brother and his wife. My parents and brother D (not the brother who just had the baby, my other brother) were also there, along with another uncle and some cousins. I get along with my mom's family very well -- when I say "my family" that's generally who I mean. We talk politics and life and a little sports, and it's all generally quite pleasant with relatively little drama.

I hope you are all having lovely Thanksgivings, however you choose to mark the holiday! (Or choose not to mark it.)

Things I am thankful for:

--My job. For all my kvetching about it, it's good to be employed full time in a real, career-path job again, and it's been useful to discover that librarianship really is my calling. I truly enjoy working with the students, and I feel like I make a difference for them. And in the end that's what it's really all about.
--My mostly healthy and mostly stable family -- parents and brothers, aunts and uncles and cousins and in-laws. The drama, as I said above, is minimal, and I genuninely enjoy spending time with them.
--My new nephew. His existence won't make any difference to me on a daily basis right now, really, but I think being an aunt will enrich my life in the long run.
--My own good fortune to have my health, and enough money that finances don't usually cause me stress, and a roof over my head.
--Music. Listening to it, performing it, being surrounded by it. I've missed singing this quarter and am really looking forward to getting back to it.
--My re-discovery of writing this year. Having this creative energy back has made so much difference to my life, I can't even find the words to express it. (Perhaps this is ironic.)
--The community of friends I have found online, both through fanfic and real life connections. The relationships I am forging here are nothing short of amazing.
--My RL friends. I am so, so fortunate in my circle of friends. My life is so much richer for every single one.
--Kittens, again. Because I just can't say it enough!
--And last, but in no way least, T. Another person I am fortunate to have found. I can no longer imagine life without him.
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