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S organized a last-minute trip to see the Indigo Girls this evening. They put on an excellent show, even though I am woefully unfamiliar with much of their recent music -- I know the songs that get played on the radio, and that's it. But they played "Kid Fears" and "Closer to Fine" and "Galileo" so I got in some really nice sing along. It was an acoustic show, only Amy and Emily and their guitars, no back-up band, just a couple of songs accompanied by a woman on an accordion and opening act Shawn Mullins doing the male vocal in "Kid Fears". Their voices are as lovely as always, the harmonies just as precise and haunting as ever, and it was clear that they were having a good time.

It was rather odd in some ways, seeing a band that's not BNL in concert. I'm so used to their show rhythm that I kept expecting this group to do things exactly the same way. But of course every musician is different -- the Indigo Girls aren't necessarily going to have two encores (only one, but they performed four songs) and toss their guitar picks into the audience.
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