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moose day!

I would like to wish everyone a very happy Moose Day.

Since my official celebration was last week, I don't have anything particularly moosey planned, although soon I'll be heading out to E's place for an afternoon of cheese tasting. Tea will probably be involved, though. At E's place, it usually is.

By now, I'm sure at least some of you are wondering: what the hell is Moose Day? It all goes back to my sophomore year of college. My friend JR's sister's girlfriend developed this habit of saying the word "moose" at random times. This habit proves to be very contagious -- JR picked it up and then infected our circle of friends. (This, incidentally, is also the source of the moose in my username.) I spent that Thanksgiving with JR's family, as I did every year while in college since my own home was too far away. The day after, she and I were hanging out with her sister and the girlfriend. On her way to meet us, the girlfriend stopped by a bakery and picked up a cake, which happened to be shaped like a football. The baker asked her if she wanted to have anything written on it, and on a whim she said, "Happy Moose Day." Thus was Moose Day born. Other traditions (tea, haiku, the writing and singing of Moose Day carols) came later.

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