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Since Nadia's passing last December, I've gotten out of the habit of putting away jewelry, hair clips, and other small things that are tempting to cats. This is a habit I need to re-learn -- I just spent the whole morning chasing the cats around my desk, picking up earrings and barrettes and other such items before Tori could make too much progress in trying to eat them. Currently they are at my feet, having discovered a bottlecap that somehow found its way onto the floor.

Also, I really need to find some way to manage cats and keyboard. Anyone who has IM'd with me lately has received at least one string of nonsense text, when a cat pressed paws on keys and then somehow managed to hit Enter. They have also been known to launch and quit software programs, interject into messages, and erase entire paragraphs of a story (fortunately, nothing yet that a few simple Undos couldn't fix). I don't remember having these problems with Nadia, although maybe that's just memories going dim and misty.

Off to work, where I can type without kitten interference to my heart's content. Alas.
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