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home again

Trip was very fun. Flights were mostly uneventful, although I managed to get on an earlier flight coming home that was then so delayed that I didn't actually get in any earlier than I would have otherwise. The concerts were excellent -- I liked the opening band so much that I bought their CD. Meeting the band was a kick. I got some autographs and some photos. And now I can say that I've danced the hora with Steven Page in the parking lot of a high school in New Jersey, and really, how many other people can say that? (Besides anzubird and her friend AG.) And it was really wonderful to meet the East Coast BNL crew -- I hope to see you all again on the next big tour!

Now to unpack, and get some sleep, and reacquaint myself with my kitties. And my husband (oh yeah, that guy). More later.
Tags: bnl, friends, music, travel

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