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two month mark

I'm getting married in two months.

How did that happen? T and I got engaged in April 2003, and for various reasons (mostly because my brother already had his wedding date set for Halloween of that year) we decided to wait until fall of this year to get married. So we've had this super long engagement, which is good because it gave us plenty of time to plan but bad because tasks expand to fill available time. The whole time, the wedding has felt like something that's very far away. And now all of a sudden the deadline is real and there's all these things I still intend to do that I thought I had plenty of time for. Fortunately, T is the world's most organized project manager, so there aren't as many of those things as there could be.

The invitations went out this weekend. We had a dance lesson on Friday -- a friend of T's is a swing instructor and he offered to help us out. He didn't teach us anything fancy, just gave us advice on getting used to moving together. After much shopping, we found ties for T and the groomsmen that match the bridesmaids' outfits. We made our appointment to pick up a marriage liscence in a couple of weeks. (And we fit in a viewing of Spider-Man 2, which I enjoyed a lot and thought was a clear improvement over the first movie (although I saw the first on video, so maybe the comparison isn't fair). Doc Ock was a great villian: his arms were fully-realized characters themselves, and I really liked the actor who played him.)

For the last many months, I've really been wanting to get to the wedding soon, partly because I'm looking forward to both the wedding itself and being married to T, but mostly because I don't want to have to think about planning it anymore. But at this moment, I'm wishing I had a little more time.
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