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tuesday morning music game

Here we go again. Guess the song from the first line. More lines will be added as the week progresses. iTunes et. al. yes, Google no. Answers for last time -- one song unguessed.

Random Section
  1. We'll be singing when we're winning - "Tubthumping", ChumbaWumba, anzubird

  2. [song title], I'm gonna find ya; - "One Way Or Another", Blondie, angeltaisha

  3. Someday Mother will die - "I Palindrome I", They Might Be Giants, peachespig

  4. I sat down and wrote this letter - "Big Lie Small World", Sting, letters_to_ed

  5. [song title]
    When streams are ripe and swelled with rain;
    May, she will stay,
    Resting in my arms again.
    June, she’ll change her tune,
    - "April Come She Will", Simon & Garfunkel, unguessed

  6. I'm talking, I'm talking
    I believe in the power of love - "Rescue Me", Madonna, luvmoose

  7. Bastards stole their power from - "Ignoreland", R.E.M., peachespig

  8. [expansion of title]
    Before you started talkin'
    you used to have a brain
    But now you don't get even
    the simplest of things
    - "What Happened to You?", The Offspring, unguessed

  9. Like anyone would be - "Uninvited", Alanis Morissette, letters_to_ed

  10. 'First thing I remember, I was lying in my bed
    Couldn't have been no more than 1 or 2 - "Late in the Evening", Paul Simon, anzubird (artist) and helianthemum (title)

Theme Section
The songs in this section have something in common. Guess the songs, guess the theme.

  1. [song title]
    What you want
    But don’t play games - "Say Say Say", Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney, luvmoose

  2. The day is done, the sun is down
    The curtains have been drawn
    And darkness has descended over everything in town
    The covers have been turned and I've got my pajamas on
    - "Bed Bed Bed", They Might Be Giants, unguessed

  3. I'm coming down, coming down like a monkey,
    But it's alright
    Like a load on your back that you can't see,
    Ooh but it's alright
    - "Tonight, Tonight, Tonight", Genesis, unguessed

  4. Enough is enough is enough is enough is enough is enough is enough again - "Yes! Yes!! Yes!!!", Barenaked Ladies, luvmoose

  5. You won't admit you love me. - "Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps", Doris Day/Cake, anzubird

Theme: Title is one word repeated three times, anzubird

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