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So I am back from seeing BNL with grue23 tonight. We got there too late to see The LeeVees, sadly, due to parking problems, but were in plenty of time for the main show. Excellent show, as always. Musical highlights for me included "Yoko Ono", "Thanks, That Was Fun", "Shoebox", "Call & Answer", and "Maybe Katie". Some good banter about nakedness in Redwood City, the carpeted stage, and Nob Hill (where the show was held). The band was on but the crowd was not -- for whatever reason, San Francisco crowds at BNL shows are always subdued in comparison to other places. Even Los Angeles, so it's not an East Coast/West Coast thing. The crowd didn't really get on their feet until "Pinch Me", and the people a row behind us sat pretty much the whole show, as ddid the row in front of us. So weird. Also, I saw macaroni thrown for the first time in many years. Yeesh, people, are you behind the times.

The seats, though. Oh, the seats. We were third row, Steve side (stage right), maybe a quarter of the way off center. The first row in our section consisted of a single empty seat, and the people in the second row sat, as I mentioned above, basically the entire show. The stage was only about ten feet away, no barricade, and it was a low stage (comparable to the stage height in New Jersey. All these factors combined to give me the best seats I have ever had at a BNL concert. No, I take that back. Those were the best seats I have ever had at any concert. And that includes being front row in Maine -- those were farther off center, there was a barricade, and the stage there was very high. As far as I'm concerned, these seats win.

We grabbed a late dinner at The Cheesecake Factory afterwards (it was about the only things still open. Fortunately, we both like TCF) and now I am home. My throat is raw from singing and cheering when I am coming down with a cold, but it was so worth it.

As long as we're here, let's have some more lines.
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