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Underwear Adventure IV: The Return (a.k.a. The Boobies Strike Back)

Props to luvmoose for the entry title.

So today was my first dress fitting. And my seamstress informed me that neither my bra nor my girdle was fitting me correctly and she wouldn't be able get the dress to fit right unless I got different ones. So after all that, it's back to the lingerie shopping. Fortunately, I'm not starting from zero this time -- the seamstress had some very specific recommendations about sizes and styles, and she really seems to know her stuff. And luvmoose was at the fitting and heard it all (she came in for a BNL show last night, which was great as always, and is spending a few days on maid of honor duty), so she can help me try stuff on and give me recommendations. So I'm hoping it will be a better (and faster) experience all around. But it's rather frustrating to have to start again on a project that I thought was already finished.
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