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Brokeback Mountain

Very good. Very, very good. As the reviews say, calling it "the gay cowboy movie" is so much an oversimplification as to be almost insulting. Not the life-changing experience that the buzz might lead you to expect, but uniformly excellent. Incredible acting by all the principles -- I understand why reviewers are going totally mad for Heath Ledger's performance. Difficult and emotional, but not in a manipulitive sort of way; every heart-rending, gut-wrenching moment is earned, and totally true to the characters and the situations in which they found themselves.

To say any more would require serious spoilers, so I think I will hold off until more of y'all have seen it. It presents a lot to think about, though, so I will definitely be happy to discuss it when folks are ready. Highly recommended. If you are even vaguely interested, see it when you can.
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