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narnia review

Just got back from seeing The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe with E, and I was most pleased. It was basically everything I was looking for in a Narnia movie -- the world looks much as I imagined it, the feel of the story was intact, and all the important events were either there or properly evoked. The talking animals are very well done, effective and not at all cheesy. I had been concerned that the kids be good enough actors for their roles as well as looking the part, and this condition was satisfied, as well; Edmund, in particular, hit all the right notes, which is so important to the story. Anyway, great movie. Recommended, especially if you like the books. Jed has a thorough review, with which I largely agree.

Also, if I were about 15 years younger, I would be in full-on sighing fangirl mode over Peter Pevensie. As it is, the character is 13 or 14, so I will be content to merely admire him from a safe distance. (Fortunately, the actor is 18, so I don't need to feel like a dirty old woman. Well, not too much.)

On a related note, here are the answers to the character quiz I posted a few days ago.
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