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So I seem to have a pair of escape artists on my hands. Lexi, especially, tries to get out the door almost every time I open it, and usually he succeeds -- he winds past my legs before I can block him. This is not a trend that I like. Fortunately, "outside" is just an indoor hallway, and there isn't really anywhere for them to go, but it's still a troublesome habit and I wish I could get him to stop.

This is from that series I posted the other day, the emergency photos that T sent me at work.

Lexi is actually grooming Tori here, but doesn't it look like a kiss? Awww. They get along very well -- I've only ever seen them fight in play, although sometimes Tori will growl if she's feeling possessive of a toy. Lexi's never tested it. Still not sure who is dominant, though, or if anyone is.


I am, by the way, feeling much better. Still coughing like a fiend, but less congested and much higher energy. It seems to finally be passing. Whew.
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