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rain, rain...

It's been a wet and wild weekend here in the SF Bay Area. It's raining right now, as a matter of fact, raindrops pattering loudly on our roof. I actually rather like listening to it, but I would prefer it to be a weekend where I have nowhere to go and nothing to do, rather than a New Year's weekend with an unusually busy social calendar.

New Year's Eve was low-key, spent with crafts and cookies and comics at Kam's. I made a collage of comic book art that I thought came out rather well. Others made impossibly cute insects and creatures with neon-bright pom-poms. New Year's Day was much busier -- for complex reasons of scheduling, my family's Christmas celebration was held that day, at my aunts' home in Davis. So I drove up there for a couple of hours, then came right back (through some of the heaviest rain I have *ever* seeing while driving) for R & S's annual New Year's Day barbecue, another fun, laid-back evening.

Today there is yet another party on the schedule: E's going away party. He's about to take a two-month sabbatical to Asia and New Zealand, and I would be hard-pressed not to at least go over there and say goodbye. But I may have to spend today at home -- throughout all this busyness, T has been sick, and I feel guilty about deserting him for socialization yet again. He's still asleep, and I have a few hours to decide.

It's too bad, really, that his sickness and the rain coincide with this crazy-busy weekend. If it had been next weekend, I would have happily stayed inside all weekend, playing videogames and reading and writing and snuggling cats and listening to the fall of the rain. But life so rarely follows the patterns we would wish it to.
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