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So the next story idea came to me rather rapidly, and I've been writing quite a bit the last three days -- five thousand words already, and counting. Rough drafty words, the latter sections especially, but they are there. It's an attempt to detail what Paine was up to during the time between the Crimson Squad affair and the game, and it's set in the universe of "The Confessional" rather than AGL. I suppose that makes sense, in a way; after being so fully immersed in one version of Spira, I find myself pulled back into the other, to take a break and cleanse my palate.

The challenge here is that it's not from Paine's point of view -- I've chosen a different character to tell the story, someone both new to me as a character and very minor in terms of the game, a bit player really; I think within the story of FFX he might have had three appearances and one line. So I don't have much to work with. In a way that's fun, because I can do pretty much whatever I want with him. It's hard for anyone to tell me that I'm doing it "wrong" when no one really knows what "right" would be. The other complex thing, and this is more difficult than I expected, is writing Paine from the outside. I did that a bit in AGL, but I've never written the Quartet Paine from someone else's point of view before, and I have to remind myself that, although I know what's going on in her head, the narrator doesn't. I find myself wanting to reveal too much, and I need to hold back a little more. Dueling instincts.

I think I want to finish a rough draft of this before I post any of it -- I want an idea of how long it's going to be, and whether the ending I've planned is going to work, before I commit to a beginning. So it could be a little while before anything sees the light of day.

The other recent writing-related thing was getting a perfectly lovely review from a new reader. From a pure "wow, people out there actually like my stories?!" point of view, this is the most satisfying review I've gotten in some time. Considering how many irritations I had to put up with yesterday, it could not have been better timed. Every time I get a review like this, I resolve to get better about leaving reviews myself (and, uh, I know I'm falling behind on that for certain people's work, and I'm sorry; I will get to it, I swear!) -- how else are people supposed to know when I like something I read? It's a good habit, I need to get back into it. The thing that gets to me is when someone adds me to favorites or alert without leaving a review. Which story did they like? What did they like about my writing well enough to want to see more? It always raises my curiousity.
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